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What is medisync?

Medisync is a knowledge and delivery platform consisting of a central pool of experts. This platform is shared across hospitals enabling them to access best in industry practices, wide network of associates & proprietary technology.

What are the growth opportunities and challenges for private hospitals?

There are nearly 8 lakh beds in private sector hospitals in India which cater to 60% of the patient population. These private hospitals currently face challenges in the form of:


Gaining Trust of Patients


Service Quality


Achieve Financial Viability

There is an opportunity to improve occupancy and reduce costs which requires marketing, specialty addition or upgrades and improvement in patient experience across clinical and non-clinical areas.

What are the services offered by medisync to associated hospitals ?

To improve service quality, help you gain trust of patients and achieve financial viability, we: –

Improve awareness by investing into and executing activities across –

Digital marketing: We improve footfalls through our digital platform

Community connects & events: We provide best practices, standardized marketing templates and on-ground execution support to conduct community connects & events within the hospital or neighbouring areas

Corporate & local body engagement: We facilitate tie-ups with public sector units & other local bodies. We facilitate wellness events at corporate locations

Insurance empanelment: We enable you to offer cashless experience to patients by facilitating empanelment with major insurance companies & TPAs and simple reimbursement experiences for patients

Provide clinical support, by access to –

Doctor & equipment network: We enable you to improve patient experience & increase availability of services by offering a network of doctors empanelled with us and providing our central pool of equipments. This service is available in select geographies.

Clinical hiring: We analyse your requirements and facilitate clinical hiring for you.

Specialized partner network: Basis your needs, we provide access to our network of specialized partners who manage or setup new specialties.

Improve patient experience by –

Quality analysis & improvement plan: We conduct a quality analysis and create a roadmap to improve the clinical & non-clinical processes within your hospital.

Access to SOPs & technology: We provide you access to best in industry processes & technology to meet the quality improvement roadmap.

Implementation: We work with you and your staff on a daily basis to implement the identifi processes & technology to ensure your hospital meets its quality goals.

Staff hiring & training: We help you hire the needed staff & train them to serve the patients better.

Access to associate partners: We provide you access to our network of associate partners who can help you to upgrade support services like housekeeping & security.

Continuous audits: We help you to ensure that the quality standards in the hospital are maintained by continuous monitoring and periodic audits.

Reduce costs by –

Access to sourcing partners: We provide you access to large sourcing partners and help you purchase consumables & pharmacy at special rates.

Other cost improvements: We benchmark your costs versus industry standards thereby helping you to identify & implement other areas of cost savings.

Ensure success-

We are not just advisors or consultants, we work hand in hand with you to implement all the services mentioned above regularly, to ensure success. Your success is our success.

Why get medisync services for your hospital?

At medisync, we have invested in creating a central pool of accomplished experts from top institutions in healthcare, best in industry processes, wide network of clinical partners, non-clinical partners & proprietary technology.




We understand the gaps and prepare specialized solutions


Ownership retention

You are the decision maker and approve strategy and changes



Primarily pay for performance and outcomes



Doctor credentialing

We ensure patients are treated by qualified doctors


Patient centricity

Empathy, empowerment, ease, efficiency in systems and a safe environment


Comprehensive counselling

Counselling regarding hospital care and financials


Uniform care

Every patient gets the same high-quality care irrespective of financial status


Transparent billing

No shocks, no surprises


Second opinion

We support second opinion and facilitate if required

Success stories

Our firm is a year old but our experts involved have decades of experience managing & scaling hospitals. We have currently partnered with 2,000 beds through 10 hospitals. Our success stories are below: –

Large Hospital



15% Increase

Number of OP visits / month

8.5K to 10K

Patient occupancy

45 to 90 Beds


Marketing Improvements

We helped in establishing a marketing department to improve footfalls and branding. Enabled digital marketing, domestic tourism and community events.


Patient Experience Improvements

Conducted quality analysis, implemented best processes, trained nurses & staff.


New Specialities & Services

Addition of Neurosurgery specialty & introducing services like MRI & Homecare. Hiring of key management and clinical personnel.


Reducing Sourcing Costs

Inventory reduction by streamlining procurement process & holding only required stock. Identified INR 1Cr+ of cost savings opportunity.

Small Hospital



9% Increase

Net Promoter Score*

2x Increase


Marketing Improvements

Facilitating insurance empanelment & community connects.


Patient Experience Improvements

Improved customer experience by making patient feedback a mandatory part of discharge process, introduced treatment packages to ease the billing & counselling process.


New Services

Upgradation of diagnostic services.


Reduced Sourcing Costs

Identified cost savings in pharmacy & consumables sourcing & enabled new vendor empanelment.

* Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement based on how likely are the customers to recommend the product or service to their friend/ family on a scale of 0-10.

I am interested. How do I know more about medisync and its services?

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