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DR. V.M. PRABHU MBBS - BMC, FRCS - U.K, MS - General Surgery 48 Years of Experience
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Dr. U Vasudeva Rao
Dr. U Vasudeva Rao MBBS | M.S (General Surgery) | MS FRCS (Engl) | FRCS (Glasg) | FICS | FAIS Assosiated with Manipal Hospitals 30 Years of Experience
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Dr. Santosh.K
Dr. Santosh.K DNB, MBBS 13 Years of Experience
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Dr. Wasim M Dar
Dr. Wasim M Dar MBBS, MS (Gen Surg), MRCS (Engl), MRCS (Glasg), FMAS, FAIS, DMAS (Bariatric), Dip. Hernia Essentials (APHS) Assosiated with Manipal Hospitals 13 Years of Experience
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DR PRAMOD J MBBS, MS, DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology) 13 Years of Experience
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Get the right treatment for Piles

Other names for Piles: Hindi: Bawasir (Treatment ~ Bawasir ka ilaj)

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What is piles?

Piles, also called hemorrhoids, refer to painful and swollen veins around or within the anus, that occur in both young and old people. 

If you have piles, your doctor would prescribe medicines or cooling creams for piles, and sometimes recommend surgery. 

If you are prescribed surgery, do not worry; surgery for hemorrhoids is a simple and completely safe treatment, after which you can recover quickly and resume your normal routine. 

Do I need piles treatment?

If you experience any of these symptoms of hemorrhoids, you would need medical attention.

  • Bleeding from the anus with/without pain
  • Stools are tarry and maroon in color
  • Irritation and the need to strain while passing stool
  • Swollen hemorrhoids pushing through the anal opening accompanied with pain
  • Itching, pain or discomfort around and within the anus
  • Slimy discharge (mucus) from the anus
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Where can you find hospitals and clinics for piles?

If you experience any of these symptoms, medisync connects you, instantly, with experienced doctors for piles. Choose medisync find the best hospitals and clinics for piles near you.

Who is at more risk of having piles?

Piles is common in women who are pregnant, in those who are overweight, aged, and who often suffer from diarrhea or constipation. 

How to treat hemorrhoids at home?

These are some of the medicines which you would be prescribed:

  • Hemorrhoid creams (called corticosteroid cream) for piles may be prescribed to bring down the swelling around the anus
  • Painkillers like Acetaminophen would be prescribed to reduce the pain
  • Laxatives may be prescribed to treat the constipation that accompanies piles

Should I take Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medicine for Piles?

If you have an advanced case of piles and leave it untreated, you will be at risk of complications such as prolapsed and thrombosed hemorrhoids. 

In this case, your doctor would suggest any one of these surgeries over medication. Each of these surgeries are simple, cost-effective and safe.

Treatment methods for piles removal

Piles Surgery Options

Most common amongst these surgeries, is piles laser surgery, which is a painless and pain free surgery for piles. 

All these piles surgery options are available at medisync’s hospitals, and your doctor may suggest any one of these for your treatment. These methods either seal the affected veins or focus on piles removal.

Traditional Surgery for Piles

Open Hemorrhoidectomy: 

Used for large external hemorrhoids and internal prolapsed hemorrhoids. Usually the patient has large wounds extending into the skin.

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy

Minimal access surgery for piles. A stapler is used beyond the pile masses, stopping blood supply to them and eventually shrinking. No Skin wounds in this procedure.

Laser treatment for piles (Laser Piles Surgery/Laser Hemorrhoid Removal)

Laser-based surgery for piles/hemorrhoids is amongst the most effective pain-free piles treatments, used even for advanced hemorrhoids. Painless piles laser surgery brings with it faster recovery and complete treatment of the affected veins.

How to take care of piles at home?

If you search across the web for home remedies for piles, you may find these recommendations:

  • Apply coconut oil and aloe vera around the swollen area
  • Avoid cold baths and drink plenty of fluids
  • Use ice packs on the swelling 

While these remedies can ease pain, they cannot cure piles. You may take this in addition to the prescribed medication, but not as an alternative for medication. Do consult your doctor before you use any home remedy.

What causes piles?

The following behaviors could cause piles in those who are at risk. Try avoiding or minimizing these behaviors:

  • Lifting heavy weights often
  • Straining when passing stool 
  • Spending long periods of time while passing stool
  • Having anal intercourse
  • Consuming a low-fiber diet

Can some of these factors cause piles in children?

Yes, even children who spend long hours passing stool and eat less fiber in diet, can have piles. Your doctor would be able to administer safe treatment for your child.

What are symptoms of piles in females?

The symptoms of piles in women are the same as in men. The common symptoms experienced would be swelling around the anus, bleeding and pain while passing stool and persistent discomfort and itching.

Can you have piles during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body releases certain hormones that relaxes the veins. This is thought to lead to the formation of piles during pregnancy.

What is a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

When swollen hemorrhoids (whether internal or external) are left untreated, blood clots due to the increased pressure. The hemorrhoids become tender and more painful due to these blood clots, and are called thrombosed hemorrhoids. These can be treated completely with medication or piles surgery removal. 

Is piles laser treatment available in Bangalore?

Safe laser surgery for piles is available in hospitals and clinics near you. Call medisync today to find the best hospitals for piles treatment in Bangalore and get treated by leading piles doctors. 

How much does piles treatment cost?

Piles treatment cost varies greatly, as your doctor may prescribe just medication or may ask you to take a surgery along with medication. If you choose a medisync hospital, you can pay easily with flexible EMI options (3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 months).

If you have health insurance, you can claim insurance for piles treatment conveniently with our hassle-free insurance procedures.

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Piles or Hemorrhoids are a collection of inflamed tissue present in the anal canal. These tissues and veins are also swollen. They consist of support tissue, elastic fibers, muscle, and blood vessels. Many people can have piles and not know about it as the symptoms are not that obvious. Piles are graded on a scale from I to IV. When a person reaches the grade III or IV, he/she might require surgery.

Depending on hemorrhoid and your condition, one of the following might be recommended:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy (hemorrhoid removal): In this, all the excessive tissues causing bleeding are removed. The procedure is done using local anesthesia combined with general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, or sedation.
  • Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy (hemorrhoid stapling): In this procedure, the blood flow to the hemorrhoidal tissue is blocked. It is done only for internal hemorrhoids.
  • Laser HEMORRHOIDOPLASTY: Laser-based surgery for piles has emerged as a successful treatment method for even advanced hemorrhoids. It involves minimal pain and fast recovery of the hemorrhoids, as it involves the laser ablation of the interstitial tissue and the consequent retraction of the perianal tissue.

Before the procedure, you will be asked to stop taking any medications that might increase bleeding like aspirin or ibuprofen or any blood-thinning medications. On the day of the surgery, you will have to perform bowel prep. This includes drinking a solution that will be removing all stool from the digestive tract. In some cases, you will have to give yourself an enema.

You will be feeling a little pain after the surgery, especially while urinating or taking a bowel movement. It will diminish in the following week. Some pain medications might be prescribed to you. In some rare cases, additional hemorrhoids are developed after surgical treatment. However, you can prevent this through some lifestyle changes.

There are certain complications associated with this condition including the following:There are certain complications associated with this condition including the following:

  • Anemia
  • Blood clot
  • Strangulated hemorrhoid

The surgical procedure of piles which is also called haemorrhoids is performed if the medications or other minimally invasive procedures have not been successful or you have large haemorrhoids. The two options for haemorrhoid surgery includes, haemorrhoid removal or haemorrhoid stapling

Since this procedure is a highly sensitive near the cuts and the person might need stitches, the area can be tender and painful post surgery. Recovery usually takes about 2 weeks, but it can take as long as 3 to 6 weeks to feel like the person is back to normal.

medisync offfers Piles treatment in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mysore. We have 8 hospitals in Bangalore which offer laser surgery for Piles treatment. With laser hemorroid removal, you can get painless piles laser surgery. Our hospitals also offer lady doctor for piles. With medisync, you can hassle free insurance process as well as zero interest EMI payment option. Piles is also know as Hemorrhoid and Bawasir. Piles removal surgery can be done during pregnancy and, also in children.

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