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Coronavirus: Are we looking at another extension?

Posted on 22 Apr, 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown Extension

We are another 10 days away from the Coronavirus lock down being lifted, how are we performing right now? We will look at diagnosing the current situation by analysing the following graph above.

A graph of successful containment of the Coronavirus goes to through three stages:

1. An increase in the curve

2. Peak and decline

3. Flatlining of the curve

If we look at India’s Coronavirus stats overall we might be able to draw the inference that we are still in Stage 1 of the spread. We still have a daily increase in new cases.

Although, in states like Karnataka, Haryana, J&K, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab seem to be in stage 2 where we see a decline in new cases daily and seems to be mostly contained.

Conclusion: Considering we have only 10 more days till 3rd May, the lock down being extended by another week or so is imperative. Although, unlike earlier we could see a partial relaxation of the lock down within states where the virus is in stage 2 to stage 3. With a partial lock down we will see heavy inter-state travel restrictions although normal functioning of semi-essential services within urban areas.

( Sources: Shamika Ravi , TOI , Al Jazeera )