07 Sep, 2020How do I prepare for an appointment for Pilonidal Sinus? What is the treatment process for Pilonidal Sinus?

When to see a doctor If you develop an abscess it needs to be drained. Since it is a deep cavity and because of its location incision and drainage is best done in operating room under anesthesia. The pus is drained and the cavity is left open Antibiotics are give through injection for 48 hours. […]


18 Jul, 2020Clotting abnormalities in Covid 19 infection – A vital element in disease progression

Introduction – What is venous thromboembolism? SARS- Cov.2 virus, commonly referred to as Covid 19 is fast spreading infectious disease involving mainly the lungs but may affect other organs also as the condition progresses. Having originated in China, it has now become a global pandemic. Millions of people all over the world are getting affected, […]


11 May, 2020Your Ultimate Guide to Diabetes


10 May, 2020What are the aftercare and tips to a fast recovery after Cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery aftercare Patients who have had cataract surgery recently should avoid doing any rigorous exercises or any other strenuous activities. Avoid lifting heavy weights. To prevent any infection, don’t rub your eyes. It is advised not to drive until some days after your surgery. After a cataract surgery, your eyes will become sensitive to […]


09 May, 2020What is the surgery process & details of undergoing Cataract?

Before cataract surgery Intraocular lens Before cataract surgery Before the surgery, you will have to decide which Intraocular lens (IOL) is best suited for you. IOLs can be of silicone, acrylic, or plastic. Some of the types of lenses include: Fixed-focus monofocal – A single focus strength lens, it is best suited for distance vision. […]


09 May, 2020What is appendicitis? Symptoms and Causes of Appendicitis

Introduction Appendix is a vestigial tubular structure located at the junction of small intestine and large intestine. It has no real value in the digestive process but contains lymphoid tissue which may prevent bacterial infection particularly in childhood. It can get inflamed for variety of reasons most common of which is blockage of its lumen […]


09 May, 2020Appendicectomy Treatment & Surgery Process

Before the surgery Before the procedure, an IV will be hooked to you for you to receive medication and fluids. You will be put under general anesthesia, so you will remain asleep when the procedure is performed. In certain cases, a local anesthesia may be used, which simply numbs the specific area, so you will […]


09 May, 2020Diagnosis, Tests, Potential Risks and Preparation for the surgery

Risks & Complications Chronic form of appendicitis rarely gives complications but it is the acute variety which is more commonly seen which is likely to develop complications like perforation abscess formation gangrene etc. Your pain gets worse and involves the whole of the abdomen with more vomiting and loose stools. You will have high degree […]


08 May, 2020What is the surgery process for Pilonidal Sinus?

Before Surgery Before the surgery, the doctor will give you instructions regarding the cystectomy. You might have to stop taking certain medications and smoking for some time. You will be at the hospital for several hours after the surgery. It is best that you have someone to drive you home after the procedure. During Surgery […]


08 May, 2020What are the alternatives to Pilonidal Sinus surgery & home remedies to cure this?

Alternatives & Home Remedies There are no alternatives or home remedies available for pilonidal sinus. We recommend you consult a doctor to get a professional opinion about your condition and the treatment needed. Please contact us at +91-80-6197-1976 if you wish to schedule a consultation with experienced and trusted surgeons. In the meantime, you can […]